Trains, Planes, and Automobiles



We are now officially half way through our abroad trip.  So much has happened these last two weeks it seems we’ve been here much longer.  This past weekend we traveled to Dublin, Ireland and Edinburgh, Scotland.


After landing in Dublin we spent the day exploring the city.  We took a tour at Guinness were we learned the steps of brewing, later learning to pour the “Perfect Pint” of Guinness.  We also enjoyed a wonderful Free Walking Tour where we got to see where U2 was discovered, where Sweeney Todd would have been, Trinity College, Dublin Castel, and many other attractions.  We also enjoyed the music and culture of Ireland.  It is such a lively place, everyone is so friendly and apologies for the weather.

The second half of the weekend we spent in Edinburgh.  We landed early in the morning, in time for a good breakfast at a local restaurant.  We took another Free Walking Tour where we saw many landmarks for Harry Potter, learned a touching story of Bobbie: the most loyal dog, learned about the spiting heart, the Edinburgh Castle, and many other attractions.  Midafternoon we enjoyed “The Scotch Whisky Experience”, were we took a barrel ride tour of how whisky is made, learned the differences in whiskeys, and even learned how to taste it!  Leaving us with a little glass souvenir. We spent hours at the Castel looking through all of the museums, learning about Scotland’s history.  Like Ireland, Scotland had a great culture and music, along with a lot of rain and friendly people.

After a very long train ride home, we finally pulled up to our home at Harlaxton Manor.  We have only been here for a short while, but something about this place makes me feel at home.  It is amazing how such a massive place can feel so warm and cozy.  When the time does come for us all to go home to the United State, I will try miss this place and everything that goes with it.


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