A Royal Beginning



We have landed in England!  We have now adjusted to our new home and time change.  Harlaxton is such a beautiful place with such friendly people.  We spent time touring the Manor, seeing the town of Grantham, and after pitching our logo, website, and color palette ideas to our client, we took off to London for the weekend.

It is amazing we did so much in just two days.  Once we got to London, we bought “Hop on, Hop off” bus tickets.  This was great because as we traveled from place to place we had a tour guide pointing out different places and attractions.  Our fist stop was Buckingham Palace.  It was the Queen’s birthday, so London had a parade where we were able to see the Royal Family.  Once the family returned to the Palace, they stood on the balcony where we were able take some great photographs.  This was my favorite part of the weekend.  I never imagined I would ever have the opportunity to see the Royal Family with my own two eyes!


After kicking off the weekend with the Parade, we hit the ground running trying to see and do as much as possible.  We attended a beautiful service at Westminster Abbey, took a ride on the Eye of London, admired Big Ben, ate great food, and enjoyed all of the historical buildings and places.  Our last day we spent exploring the Natural History Museum, the British Museum, and the Thames River Cruise.  London has such a great culture, so many different people from different places; everyone was so friendly and helpful.

London was a great way to start off our month abroad, I can not wait to see what the future holds.



2 thoughts on “A Royal Beginning

  1. Hi Martha, I wish I were with you. This sounds so great! David sent me the 1st 3 reports. Put me on the list. I’m so proud of you for getting to do this. Love ya, Grandmommy

  2. Buddy Papa will be so impressed. We spent about three days in London after a cruise. We loved the city, too.

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